Increase your HTML Knowledge

Backgrounds & Textures

Free backgrounds and textures plus hints and tips

Offers free GIFs, backgrounds, textures, banners, 3D balls, and page dividers.

Browse over 1,000 original textures and backgrounds, all of which you can download for free. All the backgrounds have a preview feature so you can see how the background will look before you download it.

2802 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in web pages, graphical software or on your desktop. Sorted by color and motif. Includes previewing feature with sample text of various colors.

Revealing canyons, streams, textures, weather, plant life and wildlife by photographer Fred Koehn.

Seamless Textures For Free! Free pre-textured models and free seamless textures.

This is a small collection of some textures.

Clip Art

Free clip art of an unusual nature

Free Clip Art

Resource for all types of clip art and digital imagery.

Get more free clip art.

Free clip art, wallpaper, buttons, and 3D animations.

Color Related

Need Help to Pick your colors? Feel Free to Browse through the Charts.

ColorCenter Offers many different shapes, textures, and colors to choose for your web page. May take a while to learn how to use it.

You know a great color scheme when you see it. Creating a color scheme is harder than one might think. Trying lots of combinations quickly can help you find the right colors for your site. That's what this free Web color lab is for.

Web Site Tools has a free tool which lets you test HTML colors with various browsers and display settings. Use its resizable color swatches to experiment with Web page color schemes!


Expert advice from the best in the business! Free tips on Web Design, Web marketing, & Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Top speaker handouts from Thunder Lizard Productions' Web conferences. is the best place on the Internet to find and evaluate online learning courses.

Webimprovement is designed to help you create, maintain and improve your web site. They mined the Internet and gathered thousands of resources related to design, marketing, advertising, e-commerce, affiliate programs, web hosting and more.

Covers all aspects of HTML authoring from the beginning. Covers inserting tables and images, and includes troubleshooting tips.

Alphabetized guide to HTML tags, their uses and meanings.

Offers HTML specifications, guidelines on its use and an update on the most current versions of the format.

Presents coding notes with tags and CSS statements listed by function. Also provides reference notes for HTML authors.

Doctor HTML is a Web page analysis tool that retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems it finds. Answers to frequently asked questions, descriptions of the available tests and HTML resources are also featured.

Access a repository of HTML resources for Web authors and publishers. Includes a style guide

Outlines the history of HTML, and provides a detailed guide to composing a Web page. Includes examples of some common problems.

Wide range of resources for beginners and advanced web site creators and administrators. Provides tips, tricks and detailed information.

Doctor Joe Burns has assembled a large collection of tutorials, primers, and answers to most Frequently Asked Questions about web page coding.

Offers an interactive introduction to using HTML and cgi scripts on Web pages.

HTML reference materials, FAQs, and style guides.

Meta tags are not a magic solution.

A quick introduction to META Tags & their use. How major Search Engines rank your web page, etc.

A reformulation of HTML 4.0 in XML 1.0, as proposed by the W3C.

An XHTML tutorial from the Web Developer's Virtual Library. What it is and how to use it.

A complete ASCII table for HTML. All the HTML special characters. Useful for inserting special characters, and spaces, in WEB pages.

SGML/HTML Resource Centre

Perl CGI script that will take the input of any form, parse the results and e-mail them to the user specified in hidden fields. Can be used system-wide or single user.

Free and commercial services to create sophisticated HTML forms using only a web browser. Database stored results can be optionally emailed.

DHTML code library featuring free, original scripts and components, all of which utilize fourth+ generation browser technology.

This is a very neat site that portrays cross-browser DHTML development, tutorials and resources.

A helpful source of Dynamic HTML and JavaScript information.

A free online service. Their robot will search your Web site and find broken links, spot bad HTML tags, and rate your server's response time.


This is one of the best collections of Javascript games on the Net! These games will all run inside your Web browser, so there's no downloading or installing to be done; just find a game you wish to play and it will appear just like any other Web page.

Here you'll find all sorts of JavaScript scripts and DHTML to download and use in your site.

Find information, news, netpedia, articles, tutorials, coding references, applets, and more at JavaScript World, the advanced web development source.

Sourcebank: The search engine for developers. Crawls the web for source code, articles & research. The definitive collection of developer discussion groups, and message boards.

Register now for a free online Java certification exam by Take the exam any time in the next 30 days. If you pass you will be mailed a high quality certificate.

Use Script Search to find the scripts you are looking for. Search the archives for: Applescript, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP/FI, VBScript, Visual Basic, and more.

JavaScript sites that provide you help, tutorials, and tips for using JavaScript plus scripts for scrollers, clocks, pop-up windows, games, dates, forms, buttons, background changes, animation, menus, and more.

Big-Boys is a site packed with tutorials and downloads to assist web developers utilizing Active Server Pages, JavaScript, CGI scripts, Java applets, PHP, and more for free!

Script Locker has free CGI Scripts, JavaScript programs, ASP, Perl, Java Applets.

Liquid JavaScript has hundreds of free scripts.

Free Java and JavaScript. Find over 500 apps and scripts to use free for personal and commercial applications. Easy to download, easy to use.

JavaScript Source: Free JavaScript scripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with hundreds of free JavaScript examples for cutting and pasting into your web pages. promotes Java through sharing resources and has created a very comprehensive Java site that includes Java Applications, Servlets, Beans, and hundreds of other helpful tools.

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