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What is Blog ?
The oversimplified answer to your general observations about website vs. blog is that a blog IS a website.

Creating your Blog ! 1st question will come in your mind is that, I have to
pay for it ?

No you don’t have to pay its free but many people don’t know how to Blog.

Here we tell you how to start Blogging.

How to set-up Blog Account

Log on to

Click on Create Your Own Blog

Now you will see following window. You have to fill up all the details

If you fill up all necessary details and if your username is available you can

see following window. Your user name and your blog address can be same

or you can keep them different but we recommend you keep same.

Now here you have to select your blog name that you have to decide and
make sure whether it is available or not. To check the availability of your
blog name enter your blog name in following red circle area and click check
availability, if your name is not available following message will come
which u can see below the “check availability”

If your blog address is available, message informing “The blog address is
available” will come. Now next the world verification test an click on

Now you have to choose a Template. Template means web structure or web
design. This is the way your blog going to appear to you and your visitor.
Understand the difference in website and blog, in website you have to design
your own web but in blog you have give readymade web design you have to
just make choice. So choose which you like, you can see preview by clicking
“Preview Template”

Click on selected template and click on continue

Now you will see following window. It will take few seconds to create your

Here your blog is created click on start posting

See the video for your help:

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