Aloe Vera which is having different names in different languages like, in English it is called Aloe Vera, in Marathi Korfad, in Sanskrit Kumari, in Hindi Kuwar, is found almost in all parts of the world. It is useful in different ways and having cool, bitter, sweet, increasing appetite, nourishing characteristics, also helpful in maintaining good health.
The changing lifestyle and changing atmosphere has a beneficial and adverse effect on our body. Due to the changing lifestyle, Aloe Vera which is well known from the ancient times, has escaped from the minds of the people. However, Aloe Vera is beneficial in curing the internal and external diseases.

Multi purpose Aloe Vera :
1. Useful in many disease and takes care of beauty of women.
2. Useful in Diabetes.
3. Useful in Kidney stones.
4. Cures blood disorders.
5. De-worming in children.
6. Useful in Liver disorders.
7. Curing constipation.
8. Useful in curing Cough and Cold.
9. Useful in Acidity.
10. It is useful in skin diseases and also beneficial in other diseases.

What are the contents of Aloeneeds Juice?
Prominently it contains nourishing Polysaccharides Vitamins A, B, C, E, Amino Acids (Proteins), boosting minerals (Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, and Zinc) and having fibrous ingredients. Vitamins B-12 is naturally found in this product and in addition to this, most important is, as per the principles of Ayurveda, Aloe Vera keeps balance in three Dosha's of the body namely Vata, Pitta and Kafa.

Calcium : Aloe Vera is useful in making the bone and the teeth strong. Due to the Calcium deficiency we suffer from joint pains, damage of enamel on the teeth.

Iron : Iron is needed in order to maintain required percentage of Hemoglobin in the blood.

Sodium and Potassium : Sodium and Potassium is required to activate the functions of muscles and veins.

Internal uses of Aloeneeds Juice :
* Aloeneeds is very beneficial to have good appetite, to digest food and if suffering from piles.
* It is very much useful in internal parts of body and associate diseases with lever.
* On consumption of Aloeneeds, blood is purified and disorders are removed.
* It is useful in improving digestion systems and reducing weight. It is effective in intestinal diseases like indigestion, acidity, and amebiosis.
* It is helpful in reducing Cholesterol in the body and reducing sugar level in diabetic patients.
* It is very useful in the problems of menstrual cycle in the women.

Methods of consuming the Aloeneeds Juice :
* 30 ml Aloeneeds is to be consumed once in a day, preferably on empty stomach in early morning. If it is not possible, it can be consumed once in a day.
* To start with 5 ml juice is to be taken and gradually should be increased up to 30 ml, if needed dose should be increased up to 100 ml.
* 5 to 10 ml. dose for children up to 2 to 15 years.
* Effect of Aloeneeds juice may be different in every person.
* Aloeneeds juice is 100% sugar free, because of good taste it has become very easy and convenient to consume.

Who should avoid Aloeneeds Juice?
* Pregnant women and children below 2 years should not use this juice.

Special Instructions :
* The pack should be kept in refrigerator after opening and should be consumed within 25 - 30 days.
* All medical treatment should be continued while taking Aloe Vera juice.
* Shake the bottle well, before consuming the juice.

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