No Quick Way to Earn money from Internet

I had tried lots of shortcuts to earn money from internet. But i got nothing from it. Most of the earning money sites are fack, they are not paying any money. They only charge fees from us like 10$ , 20$ etc. Please be-aware this type of sites. There is no quick way to earn money from internet. I had first tried google adsense PPC program. PPC mean Pay per Click. I am Showing google ads on my blog. I thought that i can earn lot's of money from it. But reallity is different from thinking. I have to work hard for it. But i'm not getting more money from it. I had just recieved 2 cheque from google adsense. It all depend on traffic of your website or blog. You have to write or post the article continuously. If you post the topic continously than you get more chance to come in the list of google search & other search engines too. It takes lot of time. Please it doesn't mean that you copy content of the other website & paste it into your blog or site. Your content should be unique, different & fresh. It needs very good content writing. So if you are blogger & you want to earn money from internet ex. from google adsense than just concentrate on content of the blog. & forgot the rest. You will get the ranking of google & other search engines.
You can post the link of your blog to different forums, comment etc. You can post different article website. So please be patient & just concentrate on only one programe.