Bullhorn Initial Training

Go to: http://www.bullhornstaffing.com/

Logins / Password

Login to the system and click on the Help box in the right corner of the screen

The help section should open. You can go over any section that you think would be helpful for you. Please be sure to go over the following sections:

  1. Desktop
    1. Inbox (you will be using this for your email instead of outlook)
  2. Candidates
    1. Create/Parse Candidate Records
    2. View Candidates
    3. Work with Candidate records

  1. Comapanies
    1. All Sections

  1. Contacts
    1. All Sections

  1. Notes
    1. All Sections

  1. Search
    1. All Sections

  1. Quick References

  1. Bullhorn Demos
    1. Parsing a Resume
    2. Creating Mass Mailing Email
    3. Using the online help

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