List of US Recruiter and Staffing 2009

Hello Again, In this post you can download an excel sheet which consist of more than 30,000 Recruiters of USA.

It takes more than 150 hours to do this work.

This sheet is priceless friends. It is very useful list for the Outsourcing company & for the professionals as well.

This will cost you just $1.65

I know it is very less friends. But It is just a promotional offer for few days. So don't miss this opportunity.



David John said...

Excellent work dude.

Thank you for uploading this file. It helps me a lot in my work.

Can u please upload list of United Kindom (UK) Recruiter's List.

I can pay 10$ for it. Please reply me.

Anonymous said...

Great Work friends. It helps me in my business.

Thank you.

Kunal said...

Good work mate!