Learn PhotoShop Online - Basic PhotoShop Tutorials for PhotoShop Interface

If you're trying to learn PhotoShop online from PhotoShop Tutorials , the best place to start is with the graphic user interface (GUI). PhotoShop’s GUI is broken into five sections that are presented in this PhotoShop Basic Tutorial.

The first section is probably the most familiar. It is called the menu bars, which like most programs, are found, at the top of the interface. The menu bar allows you to access different menus to perform all of PhotoShop’s various functions such as saving, resizing, layers, filters, and more. Although you can find everything you need in the menu bar, there are many shortcuts you can access or even create to save you time.

The second section, going downward, is the options bar. This bar changes as you select different tools, but basically it is where you can refine the tools with different options (hence the name) into what you most need. For instance, this is where you would make your brushes bigger or smaller.

Below the options bar is the Tools. As the name suggests, this is where you can find all of the tools that you need to create your digital masterpieces. The tool bar has many fun items to be explored like the magic lasso tool or all of your different brushes. There are keyboard shortcuts that can be used or created to access most of these tools.

To the far right is the Palette walled where there are different boxes to help give you information. This includes the info palette, the history palette, as well as other palettes that help you control you composition. One of the important palettes you can find here is the layer comps palette, which basically tells you what, is on each layer of the composition.

Finally, there is the document window or composition, which is usually in the middle or sometimes on another screen (if you're using multiple monitors). This is where you control and work on your creations, so it's basically like your digital canvas.

In order to learn PhotoShop online from PhotoShop Tutorials you need to be familiar with the interface. This will make it easy for you to follow the different videos or courses you use. If you're unsure of what course to use, I recommend PhotoShop by Example, which is a great way to quickly master the basics of PhotoShop.

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