Amazon:- Earning Money from Mechanical Turk

I have tried lot's of money making sites like Google Adsense, surfjunkey etc.
But i have received a check only from google adsense. So i can assure you that adsense is a not a fraud, as it is affiliated with google.

Now, i am only taking a look to the well & popular sites like google, yahoo, AMAZON etc.

I had found one trick to earn money. It is a good site to fill your pocket money. The site name is Amazon Mechanical Turk

I had earned $51.00 in last 23 days. You can withdraw any time. If you are a US Citizen than it will directly transfer to your US Bank Account. But if you are Non-US than Amazon will charge you $4.00/per cheque.

Example:- if you have $35.00 in your Account and you want to withdraw it than amazon will charge $4.00 and pay you $31.00 to you.

It is not a fraud sites as it is affiliated with AMAZON. As you know that Amazon is a very popular site for online shopping like ebay, India Times Shopping etc..

So try it if you want to earn good money.

TASK:- You should have a doubt in your mind that How to do it & what is the task or a project you have to do in it.

You can find several task or projects in HIT (Human Intelligence Task) button.
There are several tasks like
1. find the information from the company's website like company address, phone and fax.
2. Convert the pdf to word.
3. Give your comment to the website.
4. Find a specific products url from Google Search etc.

Really it's nice site to earn money.


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