Joined Digital Point Forum

Hi Friends, I'm writing this blog after so many days. Tommorrow i had joined the Digital Point forum. This is the good forum for the webmasters & for programmer. I liked it very much because it is very well written & managed.

The good thing about this forum is that the forum is very less spamming. I can't say 100% spam free. I had joined the forum tommorrow only. I want to put my signature into that forum but i have to wait for 7 days & in between seven days i have to post seven posts. Till date i had posted 3 posting. Now i'm going further with this forum. I also want to use this forum for Adsense Revenue Sharing program. Well i have to wait for it. So people who are interested in posting a thread in forums can join this programe. But IT IS NOT FOR SPAMMERS. [:)]

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