What are the different ways to search a good job ?

As you know i am the web researcher and i am doing internet reseach as well as job search for our international clients.

These are some ways to search a quality job for the customers.

  1. Job boards & Job Sites:- Searching job from Job board is the simplest & common method used by all over the world. Some job boards are International, they provide jobs all over the world. Eg. http://www.monster.com/ , http://www.careerbuilder.com/ , http://www.indeed.com/ , http://www.simplyhired.com/ etc. Currently I am located in Mumbai, India and i want to job in the same location. I will use http://www.indeed.co.in/ instead of http://www.indeed.com/  
  2. Companies Website:- Big Companies have their own Career or Job Link. You can directly go to their website & search for vacancy available in it.
  3. RSS Feeds in Outlook:- RSS Feed is also available in job search. If your job search in job site doesn't give you a perfect result than you can subscribe for the RSS Feeds. The Feed will let you know the new result on the job sites with the same result. e.g. In above image if you see i have searched Internet Researcher, Mumbai. But it haven't give me a perfect result than on bottom right side their is a RSS Feed option click on it. You can save it in you Outlook.
  4. Search Engines:- There are many search engines, Some commonly used search engines are http://www.google.com/ http://www.yahoo.com/ http://www.msn.com/ etc. You can directly search job by putting your keywords. If you want a perfect result than use keywords and operators. For Example if you a Chiropractor and you want job in Dubai than use below keyword

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