SIP: Slowest Internet Provider - Idea Net Setter

Idea Net Setter

After getting so many complaints idea has updated his net setter speed. According to my personal experience idea is the slowest internet that I had ever used. Let’s see the speed and type of idea Net.

Sim Type: 16K
Uploading Speed: 0-5Kbps
Download Speed: 0-10 kbps

Now, Tomorrow I got call from one of the executive of idea, he explains me the new service of idea. They have launched 32K sim cards.

Sim Type: 32 K
Uploading Speed: 0-7Kbps
Download Speed: 0-15 kbps

We have to pay 99 Rs. for the new sim card. They will give 2 months unlimited package and this good. But what after the 2 months, let’s hope Idea will increase more speed to be in the Internet market.

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